SIM S.r.l.

The company and its history

1-Storia Aziendale-3

SIM S.r.l. is a thirthy-year experienced Company
in the field of ceramics and resistances for
the heating industry. It is specialized in the
production of technological products for the
high temperatures sector, which are used in
the ceramic, goldsmith and dental equipment
fields, as well as in the foundry and metallurgical
industry, in wire drawing and metal annealing, in
the glass, food and petrochemical industries.
Our production is based on the manufacturingAzienda
of technical ceramics such as pipes, tubes,
resistance-supporting plates, pressed shaped,
extruded and cast products.
The complete range of our formulations includes:
high alumina content thermodielectric mixtures
(SIM.TDE 70 – 80 – 90% Al2O3) for the production
of resistance-supporting shaped goods (electric
furnaces industry); fused silica mixtures (SIM.SiO2)
and lightened ceramic mixtures (SIM.CAST) (nonferrous
alloys foundries);
zirconium and zirconiummullite
mixtures (SIM.ZIRK 80 e SIM.ZRK/MUL)
(steel plants and ferrousalloys foundries in general,
petrochemical industry).
The production cycle is carried out in three different processing types:
extrusion (pipes and tubes), pressing (plates,
hollow tiles, circular sectors) and casting (shaped
products of any shape that cannot be mechanically
manufactured). An innovating department is that
of vacuum-casting, by means of de-pressurized
tanks, to create mixtures in complete absence
of air and with closed porosity (foundry and
metallurgy industries as well as petrochemical

Driven by the passion for the evolution of ceramics,
SIM has established a specific manufacturing
department for the metallurgic industry, aimed
at meeting the needs of: foundries operating
both in the ferrous and non-ferrous sectors;
metal annealing sector; wire mills and rolling
mills. From the selection of raw materials, the
production cycle is based on a specialized casting
department. Specific molds, vibrating tables and
atomizers – suitable for a first compound obtained
in dry and then transformed into a liquid mixture
designed for casting – give life to the production
lines of SIM.CAST (lightened ceramics for the
production of billets), SIM.SiO2 (fused silica),
SIM.ZRK (stabilized zirconium) and SIM.SiC
(silicon carbide).
For all the manufactured mixtures, the company’s
strength is to work totally on customer drawing,
designing internally, with the customer himself,
the production of the most suitable mold to
create any kind of shaped product that could be
The baking process conducted in special furnaces
ensures the production of sintered elements
which are totally free from
combination water.
Besides, for the foundry industry we also produce a
wide range of molten metal repellent mastics and putties, useful for ceramic restorations.
Recent studies have allowed us to create two mixtures that
are alternatives to titanated alumina, i.e.: stabilized zirconium and silicon carbide with a 99% alumina
mixture engobe (both produced in vacuum). These mixtures, besides being much more resistant to mechanical stress, provide excellent economic competitiveness.

Finally, we have recently set up a department
equipped with modern machinery, where we
can make precision mechanical improvements
to our shaped products, in order to obtain items
calibrated to our customers’ specific needs.
This investment has enabled us to provide an
even greater service to our customers, being able
to make dimensional changes even to standard
catalog items (both produced by us or third-party items).


The acquisition of Elettromeccanica C.D.M.
May 2004

To complete the range of technical articles
1-Storia Aziendalerelated to the fields
of industrial furnaces, metallurgy
and high temperatures,
in May 2004 SIM S.r.l. acquired
– and then merged with –
a company specialized in the
processing of precious alloys
electric wires and in their transformation
into electric resistors
and into heating elements.
The acquisition has resulted in
the possibility of setting up a
fully equipped workshop for
the production of compact spiral
resistors and other shape resistors,
tig weldings of the final
part (cold part), threading and
drilling of the same, according
to the customer’s specific needs.
With the ability to produce technical
ceramics on customer’s
drawing, SIM S.r.l. has then
specialized in providing comprehensive
heating elements.

A lab for has then been set up
for the quality control of both
the incoming wire and the finished
product output.


The main quality controls carried out are:

  • electric resistance check (ohm/
    mt.) by means of a special measuring
    bridge equipped with a
    digital micro-ohmmeter;
  • diameter and ovality check, by
    means of a millesimal micrometer
    with comparator gauge;
  • visual check of the surface and
    winding appearance;
  • possibility of comparison of
    with the producer’s chemical
    analysis through our external
    certified lab.


The birth of the project office and of the facility maintenance service

April 2006

In April 2006 the company sets up a technical
office for the planning, design and study of
innovative heating systems, with a team of
maintainers working directly with customers.
This is how the first ordinary and extraordinary
maintenance contracts were signed with leading
companies in the metallurgical, foundry and
petrochemical industries.
Consequently, our company specialized more
and more in the maintenance of furnaces and
industrial heating systems, also offering consulting
services for any improvements or modifications to
the plants that are commissioned to us.


August 2008

5-Storia AziendaleExpanding and investing in the mechanical
workshop, since the beginning of 2007 SIM
S.r.l. has been focusing not only in maintenance
activities at the customers’ premises,
but also on the withdrawal of plants to take
them at our location, where we can make
any improvements or requested modifications
that can be necessary for the user’s
production cycles.

In August 2008, SIM S.r.l. opened the new
5,500 square meters premises (of which
3,500 covered), bringing together in a single
plant the following productions: ceramic
production (supporting-resistors refractory
materials and vibro / casting products), electromechanical
production (resistors, thermocouples,
measuring and control tools) and
mechanical workshop for the maintenance of
furnaces and industrial
heating systems..


June 2010

10-Storia AziendaleTo improve the
performance of the
articles produced by
casting technology, the
12-Storia Aziendalecompany has invested
in two “mixers” for the
production of ceramic
compound under
They ensure the absence of air in the mixture,
increasing the products density and minimizing the
surface porosity.
The products that best benefit of this technology. are the ones in melted silica, used in the foundry
sector (molten metals), which, thanks to the smooth
surface, can benefit from a significantly increased
working life.


September 2012

In September 2012 a new production department
was set up, in addition to the productions in
which SIM s.r.l. has been a leader ever since.
This department provides additional best service
to customers, who can get insulating products
already produced on design.
The department includes specialized machinery
for mechanical works applied to insulating
products, such as:

  • lathe
  • milling machine
  • rib cutter
  • circular saw with tilting table 180°C
  • punch cutter
  • mixer for the production of fibrous mastics
    (possibility of producing 5 Kg and 20 Kg buckets
    – 0,6 Kg and 1,5 Kg sausages – 300 g cartridges)

The whole environment is compliant with
legal standards related to insulating products
processing, with a special intake manifold with
absolute filters.


January 2014

Given the success on the market, SIM
S.r.l. took the opportunity to invest in a
department dedicated to the processing
of thermal insulating materials, specializing
even further to offer a more comprehensive
range of products to its customers.

The company has thus implemented
the department launched in September
2012, with n.2 frames for industrial
sewing and n.1 water jet cutting.
The high contribution given by the industrial
automation gave SIM S.r.l. the
ability to enter new markets, with high
technology and performance products
at reasonable prices.

The entire department, subject to strict
technical controls, is equipper to operate
on both biosoluble insulating materials
and on refractory ceramic fibers.
The special intake manifold with absolute
filters ensures the company’s ability
to operate in full compliance with the
regulations relating to environmental
health and workplace safety.
An appropriate controlled atmosphere
dryer, then, offers the possibility to practice
a pre-drying of the shaped articles,
after any water cutting, to ensure the
complete absence of humidity to the
product itself.



Thermal pads assembly bench                Particular product placed on the frame        Water jet cutting department