SIM S.r.l.

The company and its history

SIM S.r.l. is a thirthy-year experienced Company in the field of ceramics and resistances for the heating industry. It is specialized in the production of technological products for the high temperatures sector, which are used in the ceramic, goldsmith and dental equipment fields, as well as in the foundry and metallurgical industry, in wire drawing and metal annealing, in the glass, food and petrochemical industries.

The acquisition of Elettromeccanica C.D.M.

May 2004

To complete the range of technical articles related to the fields of industrial furnaces, metallurgy and high temperatures, in May 2004, SIM S.r.l. acquired and then merged with  ELETTROMECCANICA C.D.M., a company specialized in the processing of precious alloys electric wires and in their transformation into electric resistors and heating elements. The acquisition has resulted in the possibility of setting up a fully equipped workshop for the production of compact spiral resistors and other shape resistors, tig weldings of the final part (cold part), threading and drilling of the same, according to the customer’s specific needs. With the ability to produce technical ceramics on customer’s drawing, SIM S.r.l. has then specialized in providing comprehensive heating elements.
A lab has then been set up for the quality control of the incoming wire and the outcoming finished product.

The birth of the project office and the facility maintenance service

April 2006

In April 2006, the company sets up a technical office for the planning, design and study of innovative heating systems, with a team of maintainers working directly with customers. This is how the first ordinary and extraordinary maintenance contracts were signed with leading companies in the metallurgical, foundry and petrochemical industries. Consequently, our company specialized more and more in the maintenance of furnaces and industrial heating systems, also offering consulting services for any improvements or modifications to the plants that are commissioned to us.


August 2008

Expanding and investing in the mechanical workshop, since the beginning of 2007, SIM S.r.l. has been focusing not only in maintenance activities at the customers’ premises, but also on the withdrawal of plants to take them at our location, where we can make any improvements or requested modifications that can be necessary for the user’s production cycles.

In August 2008, SIM S.r.l. opened the new 5,500 square meters premises (of which 3,500 covered), bringing together in a single plant the following productions: ceramic production (supporting-resistors refractory materials and vibro / casting products), electromechanical production (resistors, thermocouples, measuring and control tools) and mechanical workshop for the maintenance of furnaces and industrial heating systems.


June 2010

To improve the performance of the articles produced by casting technology, the company has invested in two “mixers” for the production of ceramic compound under vacuum. They ensure the absence of air in the mixture.


September 2012

In September 2012, a new production department was set up to provide additional best service to customers. The department includes specialized machinery for mechanical works and complies with the laws related to insulating products processing, with a special intake manifold with absolute filters.


January 2014

Given the success on the market, SIM S.r.l. took the opportunity to invest in a department dedicated to the processing of thermal insulating materials, specializing even further, to offer a more comprehensive range of products to its customers. The company has thus implemented the department launched in September 2012 with n.2 frames for industrial sewing and n.1 water jet cutting.

The high contribution given by the industrial automation gave SIM S.r.l. the ability to enter new markets, with high technology and performance products at reasonable prices. The entire department, subject to strict technical controls, is equipper to operate on both biosoluble insulating materials and on refractory ceramic fibers.

The special intake manifold with absolute filters ensures the company’s ability to operate in full compliance with the regulations relating to environmental health and workplace safety. An appropriate controlled atmosphere dryer, then, offers the possibility to practice a pre-drying of the shaped articles, after any water cutting, to ensure the complete absence of humidity to the product itself.


December 2016

SIM S.r.l. purchases an automatic straightener, machinery of the highest precision for straightening, cutting and cold shaping of wire rod in solid round up to D. 8mm. This machinery allows the production of geometric shapes bare wire heating elements, in a single body, without welding.

The line is complete with coils unwinder with a capacity of up to 1000 kg and a shaping surface with the possibility of using “mobile templates”. Thanks them, it is possible to obtain any geometric conformation required by the customer. With this latest investment, SIM S.r.l. is able to create any type of industrial resistance with bare wire, with no limits.


September 2018

SIM S.r.l. starts a new production department, always focused on refractory ceramics, but for a totally innovative industry and referred to a completely new market for the company itself. In this regard, it creates a new production department, expanding the company headquarters by another 400 square meters, and purchases a complete line of automatic degasator extruder. This machinery is used for the production of deferred and totally degassed ceramic paste and it is complete with a mixer with horizontal surface for perfect homogenization of the components. Then, SIM S.r.l. purchases an automatic cutter with different conformations geometric and finally a specific machine for vacuum packaging of the component obtained, used for aluminothermic welding.


January 2020

SIM S.r.l. purchases a thermal seasoner. This machinery is capable of simulating the air curing of ceramic compounds, regulating temperature and humidity, and allows to speed up the time between the demoulding of raw materials and subsequent the sintering in our industrial furnaces. It also permits the total elimination of deformations due to windy days.

Furthermore, always at the beginner of 2020, our company:

  • obtained the ISO 9001 2015 certification undertaken with TUV;
  • implemented its quality control with sophisticated machinery dedicated to the quality checks placed on all the made shapes;
  • implemented the foreign sales office and the quality control office, with professionals having over thirty years of experience in the specific industry.


March 2022

SIM Srl invests in the production of electrical heating elements with two automatic machines: this investment guarantees a strong reduction in processing costs and the production of heating elements with corrugated shape in a single body without measurement limit, so to eliminate welding in several segments.
Both machines are programmable directly from the technical office and reduce the geometric tolerances related to the specific construction of the shaped elements to decimal measurements. Moreover, thanks to the precision of realization, the already rigid tolerances related to the electrical resistivity of the heating elements (ohms), self-imposed by the company, are considerably reduced.