January 13,2017

Cavalierato Francesco CappatoTurnover growth, global expansion, consolidation of maintenance contracts for heating systems with the most representative national and foreign companies: the reality of SIM S.r.l. is on the rise. Participation in Metef has also become an occasion to celebrate the founder Francesco Cappato, awarded as Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, with the Decree of 13 January 2017, by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

His history is emblematic and testifies as Italian entrepreneurship owes to experiences like his, to which refer. Born in Villadose (Rovigo) on April 27, 1955, Cappato moved to Magenta (Milan) at the age of 6. At the age of 23, he was hired by the then American leader, HARRIS DRIVER in Mazzo di Rho (MI). In twenty years of experience, he acquires responsibility and importance by first covering the role of production manager and then plant manager (special refractory and technical ceramics department).

At the age of 42, he began his first entrepreneurial experience, which will take him in a decade to founding a company specialized in the industry of technical ceramics, special refractories and heating elements for furnaces and industrial heating systems: then SIM S.r.l., Industrial Society for Metallurgy was born.

Year after year, taking advantage of the technical and commercial knowledge gained over time, SIM S.r.l. becomes leader in its industry, continuously investing in research and development of innovative products. The property constantly invests with inexorable tenacity in machinery (expanding and starting new production departments) in the plant and in the commercial strategies that today led it to cover the role of primary national company in its specific industry.

The great sense for business and entrepreneurial foresight will ensure that the fundamental turning point will come in May 2004, the year in which SIM S.r.l. has purchased and incorporated ELETTROMECCANICA C.D.M., a company specialized in the processing of wire and strap in precious alloys (best alloy) for the production of industrial electrical heating elements.

From here on, the company will differentiate itself, offering ready-to-use finished products for the industrial electric furnaces industry on the market. Subsequently, in 2008, the construction of the new headquarters will be completed (an area of 5,500 m2 of which 3,500 m2 covered), where the construction, maintenance and revamping of complete industrial heating systems will also be supported.


Mercurio d’Oro Prize
October 2006

Already awarder by the Lombardy
Region in January 2004 for
distinguishing itself for the
support given to the technological
innovation of products and
production processes, on October
22, 2006 SIM S.r.l. received the
2006 Mercurio d’Oro Prize, during
an official ceremony presided over
by some of the highest authorities
of the economic and political
world. This prize acknowledges
the entrepreneurial merits
and emphasizes the significant
contribution of small, medium and
large enterprises to the economic and
social development of the national
Since its birth, in fact, SIM
S.r.l. has been developing inhouse
innovative products
to meet the increasingly
complex demands made
by the market in which it
The constant commitment to research,
study and development of high
technology products have allowed
us to produce unique articles,
standing out for their ability to
offer the user the possibility
to increase its productivity
and to reduce consumption.
Besides, our products offer the
user the guarantee of significantly
reducing the environmental
pollution, thanks to the use of
technical ceramics in replacement of
traditional articles containing harmful
The prestigious award given to us
is and will be an incentive, for
the entire SIM S.r.l. staff, to
continue in the already taken
direction, with the confidence
to continue to offer a truly
quality and reliable service to
our customers, trying to further
enhance our company reliability
and trustworthiness.