The Missionpunto

SIM S.r.l. aims to become a
reference point for the electric
heating industry.
Always attentive to the
customer’s full satisfaction,
SIM S.r.l. wants to offer the
complete range of spare parts,
useful for the construction and
operation of industrial electric
furnaces (heating elements,
supporting ceramics and thermal
insulating ceramics, temperature
measuring and control tools).
Since its inception, in fact, SIM
S.r.l. has been investing both
in improving the quality of its
“historic” articles (i.e. ceramics)
and in acquiring knowledge
about ancillary components.
For this reason, SIM S.r.l. can
be defined as a leader in the
provision of both technical
ceramics, of electric resistors
and thermocouples, as well as
of the revamping / maintenance
/ installation of components for
industrial electric furnaces.