Building on over thirty years of experience, developed in the field of manufacturers of electric furnaces for glass manufacturing and processing, SIM S.r.l. nowadays develops and manufactures all kinds of spare parts for this industry. In our company, we test always innovative electric heating systems and solutions related to thermal insulation and/or handling of the glass itself. Among the countless items, we produce:

  • electric resistances of all kinds, useful for glass melting and/or quenching and bending;
  • insulating fabrics and ceramic release agents;
  • seals and systems for temperature measurement and control;
  • roller passages in dense and/or insulating products;
  • articles of various kinds and composition, according to the customer’s specific request.


The strap is an extremely flexible and soft gasket. Also available is the “twisted-strap”, twisted with an external “shoe” to improve the compactness when cut. They are used in the manufacturing of joints for furnaces and in the thermal insulation of electric wires. The “socks” are used in the thermal insulation of pipes, while the braids are used as watertight seals. They melt only at very high temperatures.

We offer our straps made entirely of glass fiber 6-9 μ. and also glass ribbons and fabrics, useful in the glass production and processing.



AISI socks are made by braiding strands of AISI 316 L stainless steel, so to make them more resistant to high temperatures and to prevent thermal shocks and micro-cracks in the manufacturing of glass products.


Glass industry: coating of prehensile and handling equipment; guidance of the products on automatic production lines of hollow glass industry.



The AISI knitted socks are made by tubular knitting of AISI 316 L stainless steel wires, so to make them more elastic and then get the ideal solution for coating. They can also be processed by weaving steel wires with aramid fiber, thus increasing costcontainment. The combination steel – aramid ensures that the sock takes on a yellow-green color. The AISI 316 stainless steel makes the sock particularly resistant to high temperature and allows to prevent thermal shocks in the processing of glass products.


Coating of transport rollers in the flat glass industry, coating of hoses used at high temperatures and expansion joints.



The AISI tapes are made by weaving one or more layers of AISI 316L stainless steel. They can also be knitted (net AISI tapes), knitted by weaving of stainless steel wires and PBO yarns (AISI tapes + net PBO) and processed by weaving of stainless steel wires with aramid fiber. Resisting to very high temperatures, they prevent thermal shocks and micro-breaks which can be fatal during the bottling process. The production methods make the product particularly resistant to abrasion.


Coating of pushing devices in the hollow glass industry and, when folded, for the guidance of the articles on automated production lines.

Examples of CORDS and BRAIDS in ceramic fiber, glass fiber and steel fiber (AISI)

Examples of electric heating elements for glass furnaces