heating-elementsIn May 2004, SIM S.r.l. acquired and incorporated a company specialized in the production of finished electrical heating elements and in the marketing of wires and metal straps for electrical heating elements.

We established a specialized workshop for the production of different electrical heating elements, with or without t-weld of the terminal element (cold part), according to specific customer’s requirements, and we equipped a lab for the quality control of the incoming wire and the outcoming finished product. The main controls we make are:

  • ohm/meter, through a specific measurement bridge equipped with a digital micro-ohmmeter;
  • diameter and ovality, through thousandth-micrometer with comparator;
  • visual control of surface-appearance and of the winding;
  • possibility of comparison of the producer’s chemical analysis with our external certified lab.


The main alloys we dealt with are:

NICRO = Nichel / Chromium

NICRO 80 = Ni.80% – Cr.20% alloy. It is the best and most valuable alloy of its class, useful for heating elements working at high temperature (1200°C).

NICRO 70 = Ni.70% – Cr.30% alloy. (Max. T. 1250°C)

NICRO 60 =  Ni.60% – Cr.15% alloy. Excellent for heating elements working at 1100°C temperature.

NICRO 40 = Ni.37% – Cr.20% – Si.2% alloy. Useful for the production of driers where the temperature of use does not exceed 1,050°C.

NICRO 30 = Ni.28% – Cr.20% – Si.2% alloy. Useful for the production of driers where the temperature of use does not exceed 950°C.


FECRAL = Iron / Chromium / Aluminium
splitted in

FECRAL 153 = ferromagnetic alloy for a working temperature of 1450°C. Enriched with Yttrium, Zirconium and Nickel.

FECRAL 145 =  ferromagnetic alloy for a working temperature of 1350°C. Its best use is in heat-treating furnaces.

FECRAL 139 =  alloy useful for heating elements in industrial furnaces needing high surface loading. Working T. 1300°C.

FECRAL 137 =  projected as heating element for furnaces of ceramic, for the production of armored heating elements and heating elements put in quartz tubes. Working T. 1280°C.

FECRAL 127 = alloy for low-temperature heating elements (1050°C) working in air or inside quartz/alumina tubes.

Warehouse for heating elements alloys:

Electric heating elements production and mechanical working department:

Some heating elements of our production

Assembled on insulating fiber

Assembled on ceramic supports (tubes and supporting resistors plates)

Tubular heating elements

Exposed-wire-wound resistors

Semi-embedded resistors on iron-removed ceramic support

Armored and Finned Resistors