In September 2006, SIM S.r.l. sets up a technical office for the planning, design and study of innovative heating systems, with a team of maintainers working directly with customers. This is how the first ordinary and extraordinary maintenance contracts were signed with leading companies in the metallurgical, foundry and petrochemical industries. Consequently, our company specialized more and more in the maintenance of furnaces and industrial heating systems, also offering consulting services for any improvements or modifications to the plants that are commissioned to us.

Expanding and investing in the mechanical workshop, since the beginning of 2007, SIM S.r.l. has been focusing not only in maintenance activities at the customers’ premises, but also on the withdrawal of plants to take them at our location, where we can make any improvements or requested modifications that can be necessary for the user’s production cycles.

In August 2008, SIM S.r.l. opened the new 5,500 square meters premises, bringing together in a single plant the following productions: ceramic production (supporting-resistors refractory materials and vibro / casting products), electromechanical production (resistors, thermocouples, measuring and control tools) and mechanical workshop for the maintenance of furnaces and industrial heating systems.

Today SIM S.r.l. studies, develops and operates complete maintenance and revamping of industrial furnaces.